Nile Living water Initiative is a community based organisation that has got proven experience in implementing projects that are designed to better quality of marginalized livelihoods/communities to live better lives. The organisation represents key experiences for improving the socio-economic situation of the vulnerable communities and with long term experience of building partnerships with local community groups.

We work with local community disadvantaged young people by mitigating their socio-economical causes of their vulnerabilities but while implementing our activities, we can’t do what we do in isolation of external support since we don’t have any reliable source of funding other than from locally generated resources, sympathizers, well-wishers, donations and grants.

Together with our implementing partners have handled a number of visible projects that have benefited several livelihoods in the communities that we reach and this put us in right position to manage projects like the skills development intiative project that will empower vulnerable youth in the targeted district.


Self-reliant youth, vulnerable children, women and the disabled  in targeted communities through provision of adequate vocational, practical and life skills.


To produce self-reliant youth, vulnerable children, women and the disabled in targeted communities through provision of adequate practical skill.


  • We are committed to the poor
  • We are responsive
  • We are partners
  • We value people

Poverty has also been identified as the main cause of abandoned and neglected children. A study around targeted communities of Uganda revealed that poverty due to unemployment and lack of adequate vocational training has given room to terrible vices like drug trafficking, robbery, prostitution among women, early marriages that result to young mothers and increasing the risks of HIV/AIDs, etc

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